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The toaster project, or A heroic attempt to build a simple electric appliance from scratch

by Thomas Thwaites

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Thomas Thwaite's endeavor to build a toaster really is heroic, just as the alternate title suggests. You'll be amazed by what he does and you'll also learn a lot and be charmed by his story. This little book has science, adventure, travel, humor, philosophy, interesting characters and more. I loved...

The watcher : the story of Jane Goodall

by Jeanette Winter

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Do you have an observer in your life? Someone a bit stubborn and silent? She's in good company. And she'll realize this when she reads The Watcher: The Story of Jane Goodall. From a young age Jane observed the natural world around her. She eventually made her way to Gombe in Africa,...

Tigers forever : saving the world's most endangered big cat

by Steve Winter

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This book, like others that deal with environmental destruction and conservation efforts, takes the reader through emotional ups-and-downs, from deep sadness at the loss of tigers to joy at learning about the dedication and progress being made trying to save them. While it's tempting to just look at the mesmerizing,...

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