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Rutanya Alda: Notes on The Deer Hunter

Film and stage actress Rutanya Alda has a great memory about her work in film. Her Mommie Dearest Diaries, a diary of her work in and recollections of making the movie, Mommie Dearest, is currently awaiting its publishing home. In tribute to her eclectic career in film and honoring her upcoming visit to Denver, Fresh City Life is showing two of her other well-known movies -- The Deer Hunter and When a Stranger Calls.

The Sound of Music Sing Along: An International Phenomenon

Given the fact that the real story of the Von Trapps is very different from the story told in the film musical, I wonder why the movie has become one of the most beloved in American cinema. 


Colfax Avenue, the most infamous street in Colorado, and perhaps in the U.S, is synonymous with Denver. This famous road, once dubbed by Hugh Hefner in the 70's to be the "Longest, Wickedest Street in America," in my opinion still lives up to that title. Colfax Avenue has it all; from the rich, to the poor, and everything in between. Whatever you want in the entire world can be found on these 26.1 miles of road.

Fallen women

by Sandra Dallas

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Beret Osmundsen’s little sister, Lillie, who was born into a New York upper class family is found murdered in a brothel in Denver in 1885. Beret travels across the United States to help investigate how her sister came to be a prostitute and murdered in cold blood. While Beret is...

Plaza Voices: "We love Denver"

Photo of Denver skyline.

"In Denver, winters are long and we have snow storms. Sometimes snow covers houses, cars, and trees, and we get stuck in our houses for days. During winter, we enjoy hot soup, such as menudo and pozole, sometimes made of buffalo."

Conversation Tables are a wonderful way to meet other language learners, make friends, and participate in fun activities. We have groups that are learning English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese!

Our former English facilitator at Barnum is in Japan teaching English to high school students. She created a blog at for people around the world who are practicing English. A while back, our English Conversation Table participants at Barnum created this entry and posted to her blog.


The Cherokee trail : a novel

by Louis L'Amour

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The new stagecoach stationmaster on the Cherokee trail knows how to care for livestock, command respect, and work a weapon.  Her name is Mary Breydon, and she came all the way from the east coast to take the position as stationmaster, in her dead husband's place.  Folks aren't expecting a...

Rock chick

by Kristen Ashley

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I was pleasantly surprised by this one - I picked it up on a whim, intrigued by the Denver setting more than anything else, and it way exceeded all my expectations!  Filled with fun, interesting, eccentric characters (they are often too good to be true, but what the heck, that's...

Desperado : a mile high noir

by Manuel Ramos

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       Set in Denver's North Side, Manuel Ramos noir centers around Gus Corral, a recently divorced second hand store manager who is down in the dumps. A chance meeting with an old high school acquaintance sets off a train of events with repercussions that stretch all the way...

Last dance on Holladay Street

by Elisa Lynn Carbone

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This young adult novel was researched right here in Denver at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library!  In 1878, Eva Wilkins loses the couple that adopted her and is forced to travel to Denver, where her birth mother still lives.  Once she arrives, she is shocked to find out that...

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