Reviews and Blog Posts: Demons

Evil librarian

by Michelle Knudsen

Reviewer Rating:

Aaagh – I tried so hard to get into this book and I just can’t.

Skin game

by Jim Butcher

Reviewer Rating:

The Dresden Files lasted only one season on TV but it was my first introduction to the character Harry Dresden. Curiosity made me start reading Jim Butcher’s series and while I’m not really a series type of person, I’m hooked on this one. In the latest title, Harry continues his...


by Joe Hill

Reviewer Rating:

It was hard to get past the crude beginning - the author is showing us nothing but the very worst of his characters and humanity in general.  I was thinking that once again I am not going to find any likeable characters in a Joe Hill novel, and even though...

The Harrowing: A Ghost Story.

by Alexandra Sokoloff

Reviewer Rating:

Five oddball students, thrown together over a rain-swept Thanksgiving break, experiment with a ouija board. Soon afterward, they encounter malevolent forces roaming the otherwise empty halls of their brooding Victorian-era dorm. Fighting to save their sanity and their lives, the students uncover a decades-old tragedy and attempt to perform a...

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