Reviews and Blog Posts: Death and Grieving

Emily's dress and other missing things

by Kathryn Burak

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The book was a bit slow for me in the beginning, but if you have enough patience to get through the story starts unfolding wonderfully.  Claire, who is just trying to get through senior year feels like the it will never happen for her because her past will always haunt...


by Ellen Potter

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Owen is the fattest kid in school. It wasn't always that way, but things have changed for him recently. Owen has a lot to figure out. Luckily, he's got a near genius IQ, and a knack for inventing things, like a receiver that can pick up TV signals from the...

Cicada summer

by Andrea Beaty

DPL Rating:

Lily doesn't speak and she doesn't look people in the eye. People in town whisper "brain damage" but that isn't it. Lily doesn't want to talk or have people pay attention to her. She has made herself invisible because of something bad that happened. One day a mysterious girl named...

Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator

by Jennifer Allison

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Gilda Joyce is a 13-year-old with a vivid imagination. She involves herself in a number of careers, one of which is psychic investigator. As summer vacation approaches, Gilda finds herself with nothing much to do except spy on her neighbors. Then she has the brilliant brain-wave of inviting herself to...

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