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If you are new to the nonprofit world or would just like to brush up on your proposal writing skills, join us on Monday, August 6th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Central Library in the B-2 Conference Center for this free class.

Guest speaker Scott Ullman, the regional training coordinator for the Foundation Center, will cover these topics:


Kari Woodruff started her training in respiratory therapy intending to use it as a way to gain clinical experience and move on to be a physician's assistant. But she came to value the work too much to abandon it. "Once I started clinicals," she recalls, "I fell in love with taking care of infants and children with breathing problems, and I remained in the field."

Respiratory therapists are healthcare practitioners who diagnose and treat people who suffer from heart and lung problems. They typically work in a hospital setting but sometimes visit patients in their homes. There are also specialists within the profession, and they help people who have asthma, cystic fibrosis or sleep disorders. They can also be anesthesia assistants, be involved in pulmonary research or provide emergency care for patients suffering from hearts attacks or stroke.

New Databases: P.O.V, Science, History, Small Engine Repair, Consumer Health

Research databases from Ebsco

As part of a statewide shared library package, we’re introducing new databases. As a result of the shared plan, the cost is no more than it has been in the past.


Points of View
Small Engine Repair Reference Center

Consumer Health Complete
History Reference Center
Legal Information Reference Center

Magazine of the Month - The New Brewer

photo prohibition demonstration "We want beer"

If you like beer you should be glad you live in Colorado. The Front Range is the largest craft brewing market in the U.S. with 74 breweries in operation.

A craft brewery also called a microbrewery is defined as a small independent brewery with an annual production of less than 6 million barrels.

Mango Announces New (er, Old) Languages

Mango Languages

To accompany their many modern-day languages, Mango Languages recently announced the release of their Religious and Scholarly Language Collection, which includes Latin, Koine Greek, Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew.

These specialized courses focus on passages from historical books, poems and religious documents, providing insight into the cultures in which the languages were spoken.


American humorist and writer Lewis Grizzard once said, "It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato."

I have pleasant thoughts just thinking about eating a homegrown tomato, and that's why every summer I put forth a lot of effort, time and money to get them.

Tomatoes like a long growing season, warm nights, consistent moisture, and acidic soil that is mostly humus. Colorado has a short growing season, cool nights, droughts and clay, alkaline soil. In spite of these challenges, delicious tomatoes can be yours if you follow a few simple rules.


Fifty years ago, moviegoers saw a number of spectacles, ambitious art films and genre-busting originals unlike anything they'd seen before. One was a thrilling spy adventure, packed with sleek sets and international intrigue surrounding the space race -- and a sexy, amoral, supremely confident hero with a license to kill.


The movie was, of course, Dr. No, the first in the most enduring and popular film franchise of all time, still going strong today. Although less gadget-crazy than its successors, the first James Bond film established the formula (mysteriously deformed ;but superhuman villain, nifty secret lair, Bond girl in jeopardy, etc.) for much of what was to come. And it was part of a larger upheaval that magical year -- in movies, pop music, politics, and more -- that marks the true beginning of what we mean when we talk about the Sixties.

Magazines of the Month

Magazine rack

And the winners are - 

On May 3rd the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) and the Columbia School of Journalism handed out the National Magazine Awards. The awards know as the Ellies, named after the elephant shaped trophy designed by sculptor Alexander Calder, have been presented each year since 1966. A group of 345 judges selected the finalists and winners and a group of 13 judges selected the top prize - The Magazine of the Year. This years' top prize went to Time Magazine.


Mission Wear

While shopping the other day, I came across a festive purple and yellow messenger bag made from a recycled plastic banner. Its brand was "Mission Wear" and it was made by Robin, according to its label.

Founded in 2006, Mission Wear creates products that are all about determination and redemption. It started when founder Beth McWhirter was mentoring Carrie, a woman who was trying to break free from a life of addiction and prostitution.

Beth says, "She and I tried to find employment for about 4 months with no success. After that she ended up relapsing, going back to drugs and prostitution. I couldn't help but think that if she had had the stability of a job opportunity, she might not have relapsed."


Estes Park, Colorado

Imagine that you are hiking and you come across a rare Mohave Desert Tortoise. Did you know that you can get a free app from a government web page that allows you to not only submit information on your findings, but also learn all about this threatened species?

These days, government web pages are the primary way that civilians interact with their government. Here is a list of 12 citizen-friendly and engaging Federal sites that will help you find what you need in a quick, efficient and often fun way:

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