Wheelie the Book Bike

Introducing Wheelie, the cutest book bike on earth!

Wheelie Book Bike at the Central LibraryWheelie the Book Bike is Denver Public Library’s dynamic, pedal-powered ambassador to the Denver community. Wheelie provides outreach for the library and offers a wide range of services including reader’s advisory, library card registration, eResource education, and circulation services. This mobile library sparks the imagination wherever it rolls, bringing together bike enthusiasts, library boosters, and lovers of the fantastic; Wheelie has something to offer everyone!

Wheelie pops up at local festivals, craft fairs and block parties all over town. Shrewd watchers may spot Wheelie at schools, leading a bike parade or greeting commuters at Union Station. Kids love the magic, library fans love the surprise encounter with a favorite community asset and a new generation of library users are energized when we meet them where they are.

A little history

Denver Public Library has been providing library outreach by bike since 2013, when we entered the scene astride the prototype “DPL Connect” tricycle. The success of this program led us to launch Wheelie, a safer, more flexible bike and trailer combo with greater range and style to spare.

It is our mission to expand the reach of the library to surprising and unconventional locations, to meet new customers where they live and play and to provide vibrant library service no matter how remote our path takes us.

And what the future looks like! (or, where we are going, we don’t need roads)

The Wheelie team has a busy season planned. Our calendars are filling up and we are well stocked on sunscreen! To see us in action, to find out more information, or to request a Wheelie appearance at your upcoming community event, email us at wheeliethebookbike@denverlibrary.org, and one of our friendly biking librarians will get back to you as soon as we can.

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