DPL Correspondence Society

The DPL Correspondence Society is a group of fine individuals looking to connect over ridiculous projects sent on Actual Pieces of Paper. If you would like to join us, simply click here and fill out the form. We'll include you in the next round.

Mission the FirstMission the First

Describe an animal. It can be imaginary or real. Do not say what the animal is in the description! We want suspense! You can describe this animal using bullet points, long flowery prose, or, I dunno, something in between? 

Mission the First Gallery

Mission 1.5 (2)Mission 1.5 (2)

Using a super technical and scientific method, we mixed up the responses to mission the first and you all received a description written by another society member. Please draw the creature you read about.

Mission 1.5 (2) Gallery

Mission the ThirdMission the Third

One of my brave colleagues went through old Denver Public Library photos and found some rather shocking evidence of Weird People In Denver! Who knew! For this mission, you can either write a short story or a caption for the enclosed photo. Please brace yourself! Old Timey Denver people got up to some rather interesting shenanigans! You may never be able to unsee what you, ah, see!

For those of you who would rather draw than write you can either: color the picture or perhaps draw your own Old Timey Denver Weirdo Shenanigans.

Mission the Third Gallery