by D. L. (Debra L.) Green

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I learned about the Zeke Meeks series when a second grade boy came to the library asking for as many Zeke Meek books as he could find.  This second grader loved the Zeke Meeks series.  His enthusiasm prompted me to try one in the series.

In Zeke Meeks vs the Horrifying TV-Turnoff Week, Zeke’s teacher announces that the students will be giving up TV for a whole week.  Zeke wonders how he will ever survive without TV.  He loves his favorite shows, like The Talking Underwear, Wolfboy and Super Force Field.  Zeke is sure he’s going to be totally bored without TV.  Well, it turns out Zeke and his family and friends have fun doing a lot of different things during the week without TV.

Zeke Meeks books are not award-winning literature, but I chuckled as I read Zeke Meeks vs the Horrifying TV-Turnoff Week.  Children who want something light and goofy will enjoy Zeke Meeks.

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