by Michael Thomas Ford

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It's all just a game. The zombie war ended before they were born, and now there's a vaccine. It's a fun diversion for Josh to complete the virtual reality missions and keep the city safe from zombies, using his flamethrower to torch them out of existence. But then he gets a note from Charlie, one of the top players. Does Josh want to try out his skills in an in-person game? Soon, Josh is caught up in the world of his new Torcher team, lying to his parents and his best friend, even taking the drug called z so that he can feel what it's like to be a zombie. But is his new team all just fun and games? What's happened to the team members that he hasn't seen in a while? Josh needs to figure out what's going on and then try to stop it, or he may be putting his family, his friends, and his own life at risk. If you're a fan of gaming, zombies, or action, this one's for you!

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