by Nell Beram

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John Lennon once described Yoko Ono as "the world's most famous unknown artist”.  Art critic Arthur C. Danto observed, “Her fame made her almost impossible to see.”
Now authors Nell Beram and Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky tell the inspiring story of this often misunderstood artist, musician and filmmaker in their book, Yoko Ono : Collector of Skies.
Yoko Ono feels strongly that art belongs to everyone.  In her decades-spanning career she has brought this belief to many with her groundbreaking conceptual works based upon her ideas about imagination, peace and dreams.  She put a “think positive” message in almost all her work. 
She was part of the Fluxus movement in 1960s New York and helped define conceptual and performance art.  She was musically years ahead of her time and continues to connect with fans, having two chart topping dance hits in 2013. 
For Ono, the excitement of life never fades.  Aspiring artists everywhere will want to learn of this prolific and idiosyncratic artist.

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