by C. K. Kelly Martin

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In 2063, Freya a resident of United North America, lives in a world devastated by disease and a ruined environment. Her father, a powerful man in the government, sends Freya back to the U. S. in 1985 in the hopes that she will survive a plague that is annihilating the people of her time. She has no memory of her real life, but she knows something is not right in her current life. One day on a field trip she spies Garren, a boy she's never met. Why does she have strange memories of a past with him? Why do they share the same grandfather if they aren't related? who would believe that time travel is possible? and how will they escape from people who want to stop them from finding answers about their future? Can they change the future and the horrible fate that awaits them? A great dystopian read with fun references to 1980's music and tv.

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