by John Connolly

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Connolly is a king of calamity - a lyrical master of disaster who stretches the boundaries of the traditional crime novel. His series of Charlie Parker thrillers model seamless psychological suspense.  The Wrath of Angels is the 11th in the series, and may just be the grittiest and most disturbing to date. If you have yet to embark into these dark and supernatural tinged tales, fear not. Each provides the perfect amount of back story on the skeletons in Parker’s closet to be read as standalone hard boiled mysteries.

Parker is a tough and conflicted ex-New York cop, who, after a series of disturbing and violent events has become a private investigator. This time around his focus is on a small plane that crashed in the Great North Woods of Maine – a plane that was never reported missing and that may contain a list of names of those with doomed and compromised souls. A battle of Good vs. Evil vs. those indifferent to both ensues as the race to recover the list starts at the sound of a very big gun.

Poetically written with a perfectly rendered plot, flawed yet genuine characters, and beautiful descriptions of the natural world – you’re in for a fun read if you choose to check this one out.

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