by Joshua Hanagarne

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If you're going to read just one memoir about a 6'7 Mormon librarian with Tourette Syndrome who can benchpress 350 pounds, then I highly recommend this one.  Josh Hanagarne's delightful and witty account alternates between growing up LDS in Elko, Nevada and his current life as husband, father, and reference librarian at the Salt Lake City Public Library.  Along the way, we get an up-close and honest look at the challenges faced by someone with an extreme case of Tourette's, which he likens to having to get a sneeze out: "There’s a pressure that builds up in my eyes if I want to blink, in my forehead if I want to wrinkle it, in my shoulders if I want to jerk them up toward my ears. . . . Wherever it is, sooner or later, I have to let it out. But the relief doesn’t last long."

It's a tale of triumph over a serious disability, accomplished with a loving family, sheer determination, and yes, books.    


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The book "An Anthropologist on Mars" by Oliver Sacks has a section about a surgeon with Tourette's that is fascinating!

I'll check it out; thanks for the suggestion. We have the book in regular, large print and electronic format here at the library. We also have his new book, Hallucinations.

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