by Thrity N Umrigar

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Friends during the 1970s in college in Bombay, the lives of Armaiti, Laleh, Kavita, and Nishta have gone in very different directions from their days as activist students, ready to change the world. Armaiti has left for America. Nishta, admired for choosing a life with the man she loved even though her family did not approve of her marrying a Muslim, is now isolated as her husband becomes increasingly strict and religious. When Armaiti finds out she has a brain tumor, and very little time to live, her wish is to reconnect with her old friends. Locating Nishta is not easy, and is only one of the obstacles in bringing the friends all back together and getting them all to the U.S. Beautifully written, this book shifts back and forth in time and amongst the perspectives of the friends and their loves. Everyone has secrets, guilt, and hopes that are eventually revealed, and they all must reconcile the world that they dreamt of helping to create in college with the realities of their lives. The audio version was well performed, and particularly helpful with the pronunciation of names.

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