by Rachelle Bergstein

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I have owned, held or pined for most of the shoes mentioned in this book. More than just a history of shoes, the book chronicles the symbiotic relationship between shoes and our culture. Bergstein's research appears to be thorough and well documented but really, even if it wasn't I wouldn't know nor care...the book is that readable and fascinating. One advantage to reading the eBook is the ability to quickly find passages super for trivia. How did the idea of Louboutin's red soles come about? What is the connection between Adidas and Puma? What film features the craziest platforms? There are books that help save lives, school you on ethics, and becoming a better citizen. This book doesn't help you do any of those things, in fact quite the opposite. One could argue the right pair of shoes can lead you quite astray. But I don't care. I couldn't put the book down.


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