by Jason Aaron

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Jason Aaron is a great writer. His modern crime Native American series Scalped is a graphic novel noir masterpiece. That series made him famous in the comic book world and resulted in Aaron taking on a lot of high-profile writing work at Marvel Comics.

Unfortunately, none of Aaron's superhero comics were nearly as good as Scalped. That is to say, none of it was as good until Wolverine and the X-men debuted. Wolverine and the X-men is VERY different than Scalped. Scalped is grim, edgy and obviously for an adult audience. Wolverine and the X-men is funny and playful and would appeal to a wide range of ages. It's also filled with great adventure, a few chills, and more than its share of surprises. It's great storytelling all around.

Anyone who has read scalped knows that Aaron can write a great crime story. But who knew he could write something this fun as well?

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