by Sylvia Vanden Heede

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Translated from Dutch, Wolf and Dog chronicles the adventures of two “cousins” - and wary friends - in short chapters told in verse.  Wolf, whose wild ways alarm tame, home-loving dog, delights in word play, bacon, and playing tricks on his gentle cousin.  Though each chapter works as a vignette, they build on each as dog and wolf exchange verbal jabs and trickery over fleas, cats, the press, and personal property.  Though the translation occasionally feels disjointed, Marije Tolman’s precise, absorbing illustrations shine in depicting the characters’ mischief.  The humor is a bit darker than American children’s books (dog swigs heartily from a flask before an encounter with a cat), but these canine cousins’ quick-witted friendship, told in equal parts verse and illustration, will appeal to readers who enjoy quirky humor.  3 stars for the text, and 5 for the illustrations!

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