by Kim Harrison

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How do you review the last book in a long and wonderful series without giving too much away? People who read the series are going to pick this up no matter what, people just discovering the series should put this down right now and go back to the beginning with Dead Witch Walking. So many plot points are pulled back in, wrapped up, cleaned up and referenced that you should under no circumstances begin here. If, however, you have read each book with increasing enjoyment and excitement like I have then you are not about to be disappointed. Rachel, Jenks and Ivy have come along way from their humble beginnings, friends have become enemies, enemies have become lovers. Rachel is still trying to save Ivy and she has also been charged with returning the souls of all the dead vampires, which since it's taken 13 books to address is just as sticky of a wicket as you could want it to be. Where do vampire souls go when vampires die and what happens when you bring them back and shove them back into a dead vamp? Well your questions will be answered friends. What happened all those years ago to make demons and elves loathe each other so completely? Well my friends the answer may surprise you. Harrison has been dropping hints since Pale Demon and she does an accomplished job of wrapping up this long and winding road.

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