by Jennifer McMahon

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I just finished this book and enjoyed it so much that I've been trying to convince everyone around me to read it too so we can revel in the creepy fun of it together.

It's the story of a family whose search for their suddenly disappeared mother leads them to discover that their home was site of a brutal and mysterious past and might be the cause of many disappearances over the years and sightings in the nearby woods - of the dead.

I was glued to the story from the first page and was in a pretty constant state of fright. It read like a well done scary movie with suspenseful scenes culminating in a surprise to make you jump. Great, scary imagery and a storyline with twists and turns that actually came together in the end made for a very fun and satisfying read.

I can't say the prose was beautiful or that the story was refreshingly distinct from other horror stories, but what was done was done well and I highly recommend this for an entertainingly frightening read.


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