by Jennifer McMahon

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A mysterious wintry ghost story, centering on a creepy residence with a long history of equally creepy inhabitants. Overall, plot felt a bit hollow, and did not entirely hold together in the end--in that the novel, which is a mystery with potential supernatural explanations, provided an unsatisfactory conclusion to its mismatched events.

West Hall, Vermont is a small town with a rich history of unexplained disappearances of its residents. This has never bothered Ruthie or her little sister, Fawn, until the day their mother vanishes without a trace. As Ruthie tries to trace her mother's last few days, she uncovers disturbing events over the past century that seem to be directly related to her mother's disappearance.

Readers are simultaneously treated to readings from the hidden diary of Sara Harrison Shea, who was found brutally murdered after the death of her daughter--and had deep connections to life beyond death that may explain the disappearances that plague the town.

Recommended for anyone looking for light entertainment in the form of a ghost story.

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