by Allie Larkin

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If you immediately get the song by The Cure in your head and remember high school, this book will feel very familiar to you. Jenny Shaw has spent her life side stepping familial disasters and Making The Right Decisions. It’s left her feeling out of touch with who she really is and, well, a little lonely and miserable. When, on a whim, she responds to a stranger calling someone else’s name, she’s swept into a life she always imagined for herself: swashbuckling reputation, a circle of close friends, and the BFF she always wanted. Waiting for the ruse to be blown was a little excruciating; you end up cheering for Jenny even though she's being a creeper. Larkin’s examination of the friendships that stick with you and the crazy things that a lonely person will do to feel like they belong is insightful, and perhaps a little painful to those who remember living on the other side of the glass wall.

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