by Rebecca Wade

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A ghost story set in the summer is a perfect read during afternoon thunderstorms!  Fourteen-year-old Hannah and her parents are forced to move into a dilapidated old house while their own home undergoes repairs.  Soon Hannah realizes why tenants never stay past June of any given year; aside from the mysterious locked bedroom, Hannah is spooked by visions of the house returning to its original state, unexplained power failures, crashes and bangs from rooms that no one was in, and frightfully accurate dreams of its previous inhabitants.  It does not take Hannah long to discover that one of the house's inhabitants died at the age of 11 in 1877, and that she may have been murdered by a member of her own family.  The ghost of this young girl begins to beg Hannah to help solve the mystery--but can Hannah piece together two-hundred-year-old clues before the June anniversary of the girl's death?

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