by William Davis

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I like reading health books but don't enjoy applying the information. After several people recommended Wheat Belly, I downloaded the audio ebook version. Dr. Davis makes a compelling argument with data and patient case studies for changing the role of grains in our diet. The biggest detractor from his health pitch, however, was Tom Weiner's narration.

I applaud the voice professionals for the difficult job they have in conveying the author's intent while not putting the reader to sleep. Weiner is accomplished especially with a variety of fiction titles and nonfiction titles available at the Library. For me, however, I didn't like the sales pitch tenor. I understand why it may be needed as a rally cry to wake us out of our wheat induced stupor. I am glad however that I gave the audio ebook a try because I learned when it comes to self-help books on health topics, I personally fare better with the print version.

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