by Jacquelyn Mitchard

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Allie, Rob and Juliet are best friends bound together by their common weakness...Sunlight. All have a serious allergy to sunlight which causes them to lead their lives in the secrecy of darkness. With the desire to feel "alive", the trio eagerly begin to train in parkour. While training one day Allie sees a man who seemingly has just murdered a beautiful young women. And so the mystery begins...Who is the murderer? And does Juliet know more than she claims?

The storyline is an interesting concept but the book left much to be desired. It was convoluted and by the end I was confused about what happened, who the bad guy was and why. I had too many "What is going on?" moments.  Rumor is that this was the starter book to a sequel and maybe more. Hopefully the second book makes the plot more understandable and less frustrating.


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