by Yael Kohen

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The exploration of the heated question are women funny is fully and hilariously discussed in We Killed: the rise of women in American comedy. First of all, the chapters are divided into eras of comedy and the corresponding comedians and themes. If anyone is looking for a specific American female comedian, chances are she is mentioned in this book at least once and the organization makes it fairly simple to find where. You won't find many non mainstream comedians but all the major players are accounted for. 

The strength of this book is in it's formatting. Since the chapters are broken into stories almost as much if not more than actual "articles", your favorite personalities come to life on the page in their own voice. I personally though Sarah Silverman's bits were particularly enjoyable but she has always been one of my favorites. The language in this book varies from chapter to chapter, but most adult themes are touched on at least once, so keep out of young impressionable hands.

I enjoyed that even though it was just American comedians, they seemed to try to get varying opinions across race, class, sexual orientation, etc. By compiling such extensive interviews, I think this is the most comprehensive guide I have read to track the history paved by female comedians. Whether you are looking for one comedian or just a general overview, this book has the ability to educate and entertain. 

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