by Richard Adams

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For years I was under the impression that Watership Down was a science fiction book.  I knew it was about rabbits, but thought they must be of some alien variety and their “ship” goes “down”.  About 50 pages in I finally let go of this mistaken notion and began to enjoy the story for what it really is, an epic adventure about a group of rabbits who leave their own society because of human encroachment and confront danger and new experiences as they try to establish a warren of their own.

The suspense of the adventure and the transformation of the characters are well written and engrossing.  The rabbits’ species-specific language, Lupine, adds another layer of understanding how they processed the world around them.   I see how this book has garnered classic status and I look forward to rereading it in the future.

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This is one of my all-time very favorite books ever! I loved being immersed in the rabbit world and the touch of mysticism. I still think about going "tharn" when I see headlights at night...

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