by Jeanette Winter

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Do you have an observer in your life? Someone a bit stubborn and silent? She's in good company. And she'll realize this when she reads The Watcher: The Story of Jane Goodall. From a young age Jane observed the natural world around her. She eventually made her way to Gombe in Africa, where she was the first to observe chimpanzees eat meat and make tools. "She stayed in the background, never hid, acted uninterested, and watched quietly." And she changed the world. 

Author Jeanette Winter wrote the book because, she writes, "I wish that when I was a little girl, I could have read about someone like Jane Goodall--a brave woman who wasn't afraid to do something that had never been done before. So now I made this book for that little girl, who still speaks to me."

Winter's simple but sophisticated illustrations complement the text. This is a book that transcends age: it will speak to everyone. 

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