by Jamie McGuire

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Walking Disaster is the sequel to Jamie McGuire's book, Beautiful Disaster. Beautiful Disaster tells the dysfunctional love story of underground street fighter Travis Maddox and his classmate Abby. I really, really liked beautiful disaster. As dysfunctional Abby and Travis' relationship was, they were both characters that drew you in until you were rooting for their happy ending. Beautiful Disaster is told entirely through Abby's point of view. Walking disaster is told from Travis' point of view and is supposed to give the reader a chance to get into his head. I had a pretty hard time even finishing this book. The plot was very choppy and on some pages even seemed to copy everything verbatim from the first book with absolutely no changes. It was like reading a very poorly written version of the first book. It was closer to bad fan fiction than a book written by the actual author. I am sure some people are giving this book rave reviews, but it just didn't click for me.

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