by Robert Kirkman

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For those who are not aware of Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead series, it follows the standard zombie apocalypse storyline. Sheriff Rick Grimes awakes in the hospital after being shot on the job. Only he awakes to find the place trashed, scavenged, and empty of staff and other patients. His first thoughts are 1) What is going on? 2) Where is my family?. It is upon his exit from the hospital that he runs into what he will soon become very familiar with as "walkers". After scarcely escaping, the story follows Rick as he encounters other survivors and walkers.  

I will admit I have seen the show before reading the comics so that made things a little difficult. As story lines are not the same, characters are not the same, and you have one image of who these characters are by who plays them on versus how they are written in the comics. I feel like Kirkman focuses on an area most other writes lack when it comes to Zombie Survival comics, books, movies, and that is the human dynamic of survival in the face of extinction. Over I enjoyed the comic and look forward to reading more of the series.

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