by Robert Kirkman

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Days Gone Bye, the first volume of The Walking Dead comic books, starts the entangled story of Rick Grimes (small town sheriff in Kentucky) and his family trying to survive what appears to be a zombie apocalypse. Waking up in a zombie-filled hospital, Grimes escapes and finds his family, who fled to survive in the countryside. 

Popular television program The Walking Dead is based on these comics. Although the characters are mostly the same, the stories largely differ, so reading the comics after seeing the television version isn't a waste of time.

Although the comic is violent and contains some profanity, Days Gone Bye may be suitable for older teens. The text is easy to read, and the pictures are detailed with vivid portrayal of zombies. Interesting things to pay attention to: race and ethnicity of the characters, literary role of the zombies, relationship between Grimes (protagonist) and his family.

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