by H. M. 1970- Castor

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Hal is the weak son. Son of the reigning king, and little brother to the next king, Hal is treated as an annoyance and a child of no importance.Time and time again, he tries to make his father proud but fails. Overhearing a forbidden prophecy, he mistakenly believes that he is chosen by God to be the most powerful king to ever live. When his brother dies, he seemingly has his perfect opportunity. I found this book to be boring. It spans the entire life of Henry VIII from when he was about 5 to his death. At first it was interesting and then it began to get tedious and read like a laundry list . It was too rushed and spent only a page on events in his life that should have been expanded on. I guess it would be good for people who only want a quick cliff notes version of his life but I would rather have a clearer, better written version of why his life turned out the way it did.

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