by Holly Black

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In the worst possible way, teenager, Valerie Russell learns all about betrayal.  And what starts out as a simple act of defiance, in a fit of pain and rage, turns into a runaway adventure of fairly epic proportions.  After the initial shock has worn off with the sting of betrayal still fresh, the hurt of loneliness begins to circle.  

Val makes new friends in the city she's run to and soon finds out what the harm is when we sometimes think "what's the harm?"  There's a lot one can learn if we just open our eyes and believe.  She finds there is much more than what she can see on the surface as she shelters in the tunnels beneath New York.  Who are the real monsters, who can she really trust.  Can she trust herself?

This book opens up the world of homless runaways, drugs, fear, and deals that get made for survival.  Holly Black draws parallels between our world and that of faerie as the protagonist learns about treachery, sacrifice, friendship, and honor.  

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