by Jess Smart Smiley

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Harold is a candy-loving vampire is losing his teeth! The dentist says it's from all the candy, but Harold just can't give it up!  What's a vampire to do?   His predicament is made worse by the witch Vermillion's evil plot.  Vermillion is the last witch left on the face on the earth, and she has a plan to turn all vampires into vampire-witch hybrids, and thus preserve the witch line.  When she targets his parents, Harold must stop her!

The cheerfully grinning green vampire face on the cover pretty much sets the tone for this graphic novel:  quirky, sweet, and somewhat nonsensical.   The plot isn't heavy on description or set-up; there are some sudden twists that aren't really explained, but it somehow works.  Whether it's gum, a backfiring spell, or flying vampire frogs, you'll be charmed by the book's random feel.  

For the young lover of candy and sweet vampires (no scariness here), and fans of shows like Adventure Time.  It's strange, but sweet-just like Harold.

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