by Neal Shusterman

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Like those chilling science fiction novels that paint a picture of a bleak future that you think just MIGHT really happen someday? Then here's a book for you! The Heartland War was fought over one issue: abortion. Instead of one side winning, there was a compromise: The Bill Of Life. This new law states that no unborn children will be aborted, but when a child is between 13 and 17, parents can choose to have them unwound– killed, but with all of their limbs and organs donated to others who are sick or injured. This way they are living on, in a divided state. Follow the stories of three kids who are about to be unwound: Connor, who runs away when he finds out his parents have signed the unwind order, Risa, who lives in a state home with no budget to keep her there any more, and Lev, whose parents had him in order to tithe his life for their religion. They meet by chance and are on the run together, but soon find that the lives of AWOL unwinds are very dangerous. From the underground railroad to a work camp for fugitives to the harvest camp, this is an adventure that is also very scary and thought-provoking.

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I just finished listening to the BOC of this title. Riveting, thought-provoking, LOVE the transformations of each main character as the story unfolds and the life lessons on mutual effort toward diverse goals. Creepy concept well developed and a real pageturner!

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