by Mike Tyson

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This is a brawler of a book. It’s unflinching in its honesty and brutal in its depiction of one of the most thrilling and ferocious boxers of all time. There is no self pity, no woe is me justifications, just a very candid portrayal of one of sports most compelling and fascinating individuals.
Tyson chronicles his tumultuous highs and lows, his successes and failures, in such a straightforward manner that it may change your perception of a man misunderstood. His honesty is endearing, and the effort at which he practices introspection and self-awareness is admirable. Almost Zen-like.  

His is an American story. One that illustrates what can happen, both good and bad, if you fight for what you want and for what you believe in.

Undisputed Truth is a significant book.

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