by Kim Harrison

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Warning if you have not read any books in this series there are some spoilers in this review:

In the Undead Pool the day-walking demon Rachel Morgan has been working private security for Trent Kalamack for the past few months. Things have been going really well between them, and even heating up, now that her contract is nearing its end both Trent and Rachel are unsure where their relationship is going. Especially since Trent is dealing with his role in the Elf realm of politics and his always tricky and tenuous relationship with Ellasbeth. Magic is behaving hinky in the Hollows and after a bit of investigating Rachel discovers that it's all coming from her leyline. The demons have no good answers, master vampires are falling asleep and the living vamps are biting at their leashes. Things are about to go from bad to worse right when Rachel just wants a little time off to think about her future. But nothing's ever easy for a demon.

REALLY GOOD installment in this series, loved it!

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