by Chris Priestley

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Edgar loves hearing stories—especially his Uncle Montague’s stories.  School breaks at home are generally spent, at least in some part, visiting his uncle in his rather dark, forbidding house.  His uncle collects interesting objects and each one has a story attached to it.  Over the course of the evening, Uncle Montague tells Edgar several, each more spine-tingling and disturbing than the last.  By the end of the night, Edgar knows he must go home, reluctant though he is to traverse through the dark wood alone…but there is one more story Uncle Montague must tell him, and this one is the most chilling of all. 

The frame for this novel worked well—it was told as a tale-within-a-tale, with creepy illustrations in the Edward Gorey style to accompany them.   I really enjoyed the slightly Victorian gothic creepiness of the book and would recommend it to kids ages 9-12 looking for scary stories.

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