by David Levithan

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From the cover and title of this one, you might think this is a love story...and you'd be right, but wrong. It's about love, but not romantic love, not entirely. The two boys kissing in the title are Craig and Harry, who are ex-boyfriends, but are attempting to break the world record in kissing (they'll have to go more than 32 hours) to show that really, two boys kissing is ok. This is partially in response to an assault on a schoolmate of theirs, but they each have their own reasons, too. We also folllow other boys--Peter and Neil have been together for about a year. They are comfortable with each other--but are still working on their comfort in the wider world. Avery and Ryan just met at a queer prom last night--and there may be a spark there. Cooper's only real interaction with people is online. He is alone, no one knows who he is, and he can't take it any more. This is a story about the love of friendship, family, about possible new love and comfortable love. We see all these boys through the eyes of the generation of gay men that came before them, the men who died of AIDS. They see how these boys' lives--even Cooper's life--can be much different than theirs were, how many more choices, how much more freedom they have, how many more possibilities. Find out more about the inspiration for this book at David Levithan's web site.

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