by Rob Sheffield

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If you've read either of Sheffield's earlier memoirs, you know he has a vast knowledge of music, a quirky, funny, and sweet writing style, and a way of getting to the heart of things. If you've never read Sheffield's writing before, Turn Around Bright Eyes is a fine place to start. Widowed at age 31, Sheffield wasn't sure what the next phase of his life would look like. He spent lots of time alone. Eventually, he joined friends and poured his emotions into karaoke performances, a place where musical talent didn't matter as much as heart and commitment. He heard a voice on the radio and found he HAD to meet the DJ--who eventually became his wife, Ally. Their story of finding each other through music is interspersed with Sheffield's stories of family, musical obsessions, and wonderings as to why it is that karaoke is the ultimate form of expression for so many people. This one will get songs stuck in your head--but don't worry--it mentions so many of them, they'll change like you're hitting random on your CD player.

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