by Nicholas Sparks

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True Believer is about Jeremy March, a born skeptic and science journalist who specializes in debunking the supernatural. When he hears about ghostly apparitions in a cemetery in Boone Creek, North Carolina, he leaves his beloved New York City for this small, rural town-and what his instincts tell him could make a great story. What he doesn't plan on is meeting and falling hopelessly in love with Lexie Darnell, who is sure of one thing: her future is here in Boone Creek, close to the people she loves. Now, if the young lovers are to be together, Jeremy must make a difficult choice: return to the life he knows in New York, or do something he could never do before... take a giant leap of faith.

I must admit I am not the biggest romance novel reader and I have given Nicholas Sparks chances and found myself putting books down before finishing a few chapters. But that was not the case with True Believer. I read this book in one sitting and found myself going to the store to get part two, At First Sight, the same day.


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