by Midlake (Musical group)

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This album caught me completely off guard. After having it recommended to me, I put it in the player where it remained for a solid week. Opening song "Roscoe" immediately brings Fleetwood Mac to mind, but with an alluring indie rock edge. Although unassuming at first, these songs will find themselves lodged deeply in your head. Solid from start to finish, no other band I know of is making music like this and doing it well.

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This is an excellent CD all-around. I love the rural pioneer theme most of the songs enjoy, and this group has a great sound. Roscoe is one of my favorites as well. Unfortunately, our last copy of this title was removed from the system, so we have no copies to lend. We do have three other albums for this group, though so far I haven't liked their later work as much as this album.

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