by Warwick Downing

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Denver. 1973. Some of the old territorial laws are still on the books, and that means that Kate Hope, age 14, is a bona fide practicing lawyer, part of Hope & Hope, Attorneys, with her grandfather. What started out as her helping out in the office because of "Judge" Hope's failing eyesight has turned in to a genuine appreciation for the law and the hard work that goes into preparing wills, helping people who are about to get evicted, and trying to prove your case to a jury. Judge Hope's goal is to help the downtrodden at all costs, and when he gets ill, it is up to Kate to go to court and argue the case for Herman, a German shepherd, who accused of being a dangerous dog and is on doggie death row. Kate knows that Herman would never hurt anyone, and sets out to prove it to the judge and jury, all the while proving to herself that she IS capable of practicing law. Includes information at the end about points of law and whether this could have really happened.

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