by Santa Cecilia (Musical group)

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  I first heard about this band on NPR's alt latino music blog ( a good place to find out about obscure latin artistes both here and abroad) and fell in love with them instantly. With an eclectic and infectious mixture of cumbia, funk, son jarocho, punk, rock, pop and hip hop there is something for almost everyone on this album. A few of the tracks on this album deal with matters of the heart but the last track "El hielo" which in English translates to ice (as in Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has garnered the most attention. The song describes the travails of various illegal immigrants here in the US and has been adopted as an unofficial anthem by some in the immigration reform movement.  The band is not overtly political however but I get the sense that as descendants of Mexican immigrants they felt the need to put their experiences into words. I for one can't wait to see them in concert. I hope they come to the Mile High City soon.

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