by Sara Wheeler

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Travels in a Thin Country by Sara Wheeler chronicles the author's journey in the country of Chile from north to south.  While the author gives great detail of what she sees, it is not with much excitement and creates quite a boring read.  She does explain pretty much every sight in detail, but it is written in the style of a bland, monotonous report that a government bureaucrat might use.  I guess I should have checked the publishing date before I read it, as I picked it up to gain insight into contemporary Chile.  This book was written 20 years ago which means that it is probably no longer up to date concerning economy and politics.  If you are looking for some good, entertaining travel writing I would actually suggest different authors such as Bill Bryson or Maarten Troost.  If you want to know what Chile looks like and don't mind slogging through 300 odd pages of boredom then this book is for you.


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