by John Twelve Hawks

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This is a fantastic cyber-thriller that would appeal to fans of urban fantasy. It’s full of legitimate paranoia, especially when one considers the time and place in which we live.

The story revolves around Maya, one of the last Harlequins, an ancient order of lethal fighters sworn to protect Travelers, individuals who can astral project themselves between realms of reality by achieving a state of meditative nirvana. Travelers and their protector Harlequins have been systematically hunted down and assassinated throughout history by the Tabula, a worldwide authoritarian organization dedicated to enforcing a surveillance culture that ensures humanity remains in a docile and obedient frame of mind. Travelers and the Truth they represent threaten this panoptic nightmare. 

Maya must beat the system to ruthlessly protect someone who may be one of the last living Travelers. In order to do so she must tread lightly, and conceal herself in plain sight.

The author, John Twelve Hawks, is a ghost himself. Virtually unknown, he lives off the grid and communicates by untraceable satellite phones.


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