by Elizabeth LaBan

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Duncan begins his senior year at the prestigious Irving School by searching for his new door room.  As a senior he now has the privilege of rooming alone and as a gift the vacating senior of the year past has left behind a gift. Not all gifts are special or good. Some are quite disgusting and others such as a bottle of liquor are most cherished. Duncan receives a package of CD’s in the most undesired dorm room of all. The CD’s turn out to be much more than they seem, as they were left behind by Tim Macbeth an albino loner who begins senior year at Irving midyear.  One of the main points of gifting the CD’s is for Duncan to have a good topic for a school assignment in which he has to write a tragedy paper for the popular English teacher Mr. Simon. The CD’s detail a tragic love story between Vanessa, the most beautiful and popular girl at school and Tim. Vanessa is in a controlling relationship with Patrick, who is of course the most popular boy at school. Unfortunately the story doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending, but there is so much more than meets the eye, beginning with the connection between Duncan and Tim and the undesirable dorm room.

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