by Marjan Kamali

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Together Tea by Marjan Kamali is a sweet novel. It tells the story of an Iranian-American mother who uses spreadsheets and mathematical formulas to try to find her daughter the perfect husband, along with that of her daughter, who wants to quit business school to be an artist much more than she wants a husband. The two have trouble understanding each other. The mother carries on Iranian traditions in New York, but the daughter has adopted a more American approach to life and marriage. But as each tells their stories -- including of life in Iran and of leaving during the Islamic Revolution -- we begin to understand their deep connection and complicated histories. An impromptu trip to Iran together, their first since going into exile, stirs up both old memories and new possibilities.

I enjoyed this book for its own sake, but it also impressed me. It includes so many interwoven stories -- of a touching mother-daughter relationship; of life in Iran before and during the Islamic Revolution; of exile, immigration, and return; and of more than one romance -- all while remaining a relatively light and interesting read. There are times it reads like sections of it might be inspired by the author’s own life. If so, that life is interesting enough to make an enjoyable book.

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Thank you for this thoughtful review of my novel. I truly appreciate it!
All best,

You're welcome! Thanks for writing the book! :) And for letting me know you appreciated this. I'll look forward to the next one.

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