by Julie Anne Peters

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How long can you be bullied and survive? Daelyn has reached her limit. For as long as she can remember, she has been teased, bullied and abused, emotionally, verbally, physically. The adults in her life have contributed to this by participating in or ignoring it. Daelyn has tried to unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide several times, but she is determined that this time she will complete the task and finally escape from her torment. She is given 23 days by the suicide message board she stumbles on, one that doesn't encourage her to live, but details methods of dying and prompts her with questions about her life and death. Daelyn's thick armor comes into question when she meets Santana, a boy who has his own life and death struggle to deal with. Having shut down feelings long ago, is it too late for Daelyn to reconsider her decision? Daelyn is determined, but what is she determined to do? A great title to start a discussion of the issues of bullying and suicide, this book also includes a discussion guide and a resource list for people who need help dealing with this tough subject matter.

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