by Julia Alvarez

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The story is based on a true story, but all the accounts in the book are fictionalized, but the author did her research on the historical events that took place in the book.  The book can be heartbreaking because it's based on actual events and real people actually suffered this way.  But you feel for this main characters, you understand why they act they way they do and why they were tired of just watching things happen to those around them. The book is all about risk and whether or not a person has enough courage to face the risks.  

Julia Alvarez is a great author and I've read another books of hers and I can 't read to read more about her works.  She is an author that has written something for all ages. In the two books, I have read I love that she uses each chapter to explore each character more personally and their relationships to each other.  I think it's the best idea when it comes to character development. 

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