by Gerald McDermott

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This is a clever Irish folk tale about a man named Tim O'Toole and the antics that occur as he attempts to support his family.  As he is looking for work, he stumbles across some of the 'wee folk.'  Since he discovers them in the light, he is allowed to command their treasure from them.  They give him a goose who lays golden eggs so that he and his family will never want for anything again.  He stops for the night with a couple with whom he shares his fortune.  They replace the magical goose with one of their own so that upon returning to his home, he has nothing to show for his travels.  He returns to the wee folk and they apologize and give him a tablecloth on which food perpetually appears.  Again, on his way home, he rests with the couple who stole his goose.  Again, he tells them of his good fortune, and again, they steal his treasure.  Very angry, Tim returns once again to the wee folk who hatch a plan to have Tim's fortune returned to him.  They are successful, and Tim and his family live happily ever after.


The story is a more lengthy picture book, but the story is enjoyable and the pictures are lovely.  The repetition is great for children because they can help to predict what comes next in the story.

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